Installing go on Raspberry Pi OS

Go or golang is required by Amfora and many other programs. Unfortunately, the version on repositories for Raspberry Pi OS is quite old. There are few ways you can install it.

  1. Installation
    1. The easy way (old version)
    2. Another way (current version)
    3. The best way (automated)
  2. Adding PATH
  3. Checking the installed version
  4. Removing an old version
  5. Updating


The easy way

This option is suitable when you are OK to install old version of Go.

Another way

This option allows to install the most recent version of Go with few more steps.

The best way

This is the best way. I have found this solution on Dave York's website and then found a script on Henry Cheung's page. With this simple script you can keep your go lang up-to-date.

Adding PATH

Checking current version

Removing an old version